Our Mission: Community First

Our Vision: We Listen, we improve, we achieve. We are Camborne Town Council - Here for you.

Our Values: Empowering our Community, Trusting and Collaborative. Creative. Ambitious. Efficient and Responsive.

Our Objectives:

Objective 1

Continually listen and respond to the needs of the Community

  • Produce more opportunities for the community to access our services, activities and events
  • Enhancing our transparency and openness
  • Commit to collaborative working and establish fruitful relationships with community partners

Objective 2

Be the best we can be

  • Recognise and celebrate achievement and aim for the exceptional in all we do
  • Continually review and evaluate services and functions
  • Effective and efficient use of resources in all that we do

Objective 3

Encourage Pride

  • Commit to improve and enhance council assets across the parish
  • Honour Camborne’s heritage and cultural identity
  • Deliver services that are valued by the service users

Objective 4

Creating a better future for Camborne

  • Become more sustainable
  • Be present and the voice of Camborne Communities in all place shaping forums.