A New Town Clerk for Camborne Town Council

Sam-Town Clerk

Samantha Hughes, dedicated employee of Camborne Town Council for over four years, has been appointed as Camborne’s new permanent Town Clerk.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Val Dalley (Chair of the Staffing Committee) believes the decision to offer the permanent role to Samantha offers the organisation stability and optimism for the future:

‘Samantha is an exceptional member of the Town Council’s senior management team. She has risen to the challenge of role and has been doing an excellent job as interim Town Clerk, providing stability and leadership after the retirement of her predecessor’.

Camborne’s Mayor Cllr David Wilkins looks forward to continuing to work with Samantha:

‘It is essential that Samantha continues the fantastic work she has started, addressing challenging issues, supporting town councillors and managing the expanding staff team and services during an evolutionary period for Camborne Town Council. Sam is absolutely the best person to do this job.’

Mrs Hughes started her new permanent role on the 12th February 2021. Her career in Local Government began in 2005. She joined Camborne Town Council in 2017 as ‘Finance Officer’. During her predecessor’s ill health and eventual retirement, Samantha has gallantly stepped up to the role of Town Clerk to support the organisation through the period of uncertainty.

‘I am honoured to have been appointed the permanent Town Clerk for Camborne Town Council. We are a forward-looking organisation, striving always to put the community first in all that we do. I will continue to serve the Town Council by enabling colleagues and councillors to make a real difference for Camborne.’