Troon Village Red Phone Kiosk

Adopt a Kiosk

BT are currently hosting a series of consultations across the county with the aim to remove under-used phone kiosks. If your local phone kiosk is currently being considered for removal there will be a notice in it offering advice and an indication of the consultation process.

For the traditional style red phone kiosks, there is a chance to retain them or 'adopt' them for alternative community uses. In the past, Camborne Town Council has assisted a number of local groups to 'adopt' their local red box. We are currently supporting a group in Beacon to adopt theirs.

A BT consultation is currently taking place for Troon's red telephone box. We would like to support a community group or individual to adopt it for other community uses should the village wish to retain it. If there is interest in retaining the box in Troon, please email: or call 01209 708992 so we can arrange an adoption on behalf of the community.

Click HERE to find out more about kiosk adoption.