Things to Spot at Camborne Rec

Budding Flowers

Written by Rob, Camborne Town Council Amenities Technician 

The first signs of Spring have arrived at Camborne Recreation Ground. Daffodils and Crocuses that were planted by the Amenities Team in late autumn have started displaying their colourful blooms. To add to the display of colour; Camelias, Heather and Primroses have begun to flower. One to look out for over the next couple of months are the Magnolias which have begun to bud and should be showing off their pale white and vibrant pink petals very soon.

In your own garden it is now the time to start pruning, particularly if you have Hydrangeas and Buddleias. A tip is to remember the ‘3D’s’- Remove any dead, diseased and damaged material. The rule when implementing the ‘3D’s’ is to not remove more than a third of the overall shrub or it may not flower this year.

You’ll notice as you walk around the Rec that the ecology seems to be coming to life. The sound of bird song can be heard on sunny days and often robins can be spotted fighting over territory. Our work has begun to continue to enhance the site; we’re busy refurbishing benches and maintaining the flower beds as we move into Spring. We strongly recommend a visit to Camborne Recreation Ground during this time of year, its really quite a magical haven for nature in our town.

If you see us at work don’t hesitate to come over and have a chat. We are more than happy to share our knowledge and discuss ideas and plans for the sites we work on, it would be a pleasure to talk to you.