Statement: 'Cornwall Freedom Rally'

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Camborne Business Improvement District (BID) team and Camborne Town Council would like to make it clear that they oppose the so-called 'Cornwall Freedom Rally' due to take place in Camborne on Sunday 4 October.

BID Manager Anna Pascoe said:

“We believe it is totally irresponsible to be holding an event of this kind in our town – especially at a time when Covid-19 cases are rising in our area. The pandemic has already claimed tens of thousands of lives in the UK and there is nothing righteous about encouraging people to break the law and risk further deaths. The vast majority of local residents are fully aware that this virus is real and that it is in all our best interests to do what we can to avoid spreading it further.”

Camborne Town Council Engagement Officer Rose Hitchens-Todd said:

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion but following a course of action that endangers others during this pandemic can never be justified. The restrictions in place are vital and, as a community that looks out for each other, we all have a duty to do our bit and abide by them.”