Signs of Spring

Blossom in Spring

By Steve, Amenities Supervisor 

Following on from the articles on wildflowers, the signs of spring are well and truly there for all to see, especially in the forms of colourful wildflowers, the splendour of tree blossoms, bright green leaves bursting forth from buds and the sight of birds, bees and insects hard at work.

It is often reported that a connection with nature can greatly contribute to a person’s health and happiness with improvements in feelings of wellbeing and mood.

In addition a regular brisk walk will improve the health of your heart and lungs as well as helping to moderate blood pressure.

Whilst on the subjects of walking and nature, many people do not realise that before the early 1800s there were no public parks to be found in Britain. It was the Victorians that realised the general population needed a refuge from the rigours of urban existence and to have somewhere to go and relax,taking in the peace and tranquility that green spaces can provide. We have much to thank them for.

One of my favourite moments in springtime is the sight of swallows arriving here to feed and start raising more broods of chicks. They also bring the knowledge that Summer is just around the corner with the promise of warmer weather to come.

It is interesting to note that these remarkable little birds have just completed an 8000 mile journey from South Africa covering anything up to 200 miles a day, crossing the Sahara Desert,  the Pyrenees mountain range and the English Channel to be here. All this from a bird weighing an average of 20 grams!

Keep an eye out for these remarkable birds along with House Martins, Sand Martins and the similar looking Swift. In summertime Swifts can be seen flying directly above the rooftops of Camborne town centre emitting their distinctive screeching call. Swifts are amazing little birds, spending nearly all their lives in the air feeding, drinking and mating on the wing, only landing to breed. They have even been observed migrating over the Himalayas flying at a height of 18700 feet!

On my daily exercise I have captured numerous images of springtime in all its glory, some of which you can see in the documents below. Feel free to share your images and show your appreciation for this wonderful spectacle of this time of year.