Community Members Invited to Comment on Initial Designs for Play Area Refurbishment

Camborne Rec Play Areaa

Community Members Invited to Comment on Initial Designs for Play Area Refurbishment

Camborne Town Council are excited to present the initial concepts for the refurbishment of Camborne Recreation Ground Play Area. Refurbishment of the play area comes as part of a programme of intended enhancements for green spaces that were devolved to the Town Council from Cornwall Council in late 2017.

‘We are very pleased we can bring positive news during what is a very challenging time for our community. The existing play area has provided may years of joy and entertainment to local families, but the time has come for refurbishment. These enhancements will not only provide fantastic facilities for our residents but also gives even more reason for families from other areas to come and visit our wonderful Parish.’  Cllr David Wilkins, Mayor of Camborne

Funding for this project comes from ringfenced Town Council reserves and a successful bid for Section 106 funding awarded by Cornwall Council Planning Authority. A stringent application and scoring methods were used to award the contract for this project to South West based play area specialist, ‘Sutcliffe Play’.

‘We took great time and careful consideration to come to a decision to award this contract. We believe Sutcliffe Play’s application demonstrated their intentions to deliver exciting quality outcomes and outstanding customer service for our community within budget.’ Cllr Mrs Val Dalley, Deputy Mayor of Camborne

The play area specialists have responded with an exciting initial design concept which is inspired by the area’s rich mining heritage. The first draft design has been based on responses gathered during a public consultation conducted by the Town Council in summer 2019. The initial design concept now needs full consideration from the community, Town Council and contractors themselves to agree and finalise before any work progresses.

‘Some elements of this initial design need to be adjusted to meet the needs of our community and our maintenance programme, for instance; specific location of play equipment, some materials that are being used and the suggested name/signage details would need to reflect the locality. We are very keen to hear the voice of the community to ensure we are shaping the final design with the best possible intentions.’ Rose Hitchens-Todd, Engagement Officer

The Town Council have suggested a provisional rename of the play area to ‘Wheal Kambronn’ and have already identified a need to move the accessible swings currently located outside of the fenced area to within the fenced area to make them easier to access. Another question asked of the contractor is the viability/safety of the boulder/rock elements within the design- particularly in relation to the play tunnel which is located in the toddler play area.

Local residents and potential users of the play area have opportunity to share their comments on the initial design by completing the online survey located HERE before 9am on Monday 11th May 2020. The Town Council and contractors cannot guarantee all suggested changes can be made to the design but have every intention to use the feedback from the consultation to direct decisions and designs to produce the best outcome for the community within budget and capability.

It is anticipated the refurbishment will complete during 2020 but it cannot be said for certain given the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic.