Camborne’s Anti-Loneliness Phone-In Service

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As Lockdown continues concern mounts over the impact of loneliness on mental health. Camborne Library Service recognises its value in keeping community members connected and has adapted its way of working to continue to provide in ways which embrace the challenges of Lockdown.

‘We were greatly concerned once Lockdown was announced that some of our regular customers would quickly become extremely isolated and lonely.'

‘We immediately set to work on plans to ensure we could continue our service the best we could given the circumstances and have devised many new ways of delivering what we do.’

Camborne Library now offers a phone-in service that aims to prevent loneliness.  Those feeling lonely in the community are encouraged to call-in to speak to a member of their friendly team.

‘We want to ensure the whole community knows we are here for them, even if they have never used our service before. We welcome the opportunity to support, advise or to simply offer a listening ear and friendly conversation to anyone that feels lonely during this time.’ Lotti Stapleton, Senior Library Assistant

In addition to the phone-in service, the team have worked tirelessly to provide a varied programme of enrichment, support and entertainment for the community on its various social media platforms. From quizzes, book reviews and craft activities to Rhymetime with ‘Louie The Library Lion’; there is plenty to occupy all ages.

Those who would like to know more about the online library service or would benefit from a call are invited to ring 01209 708995 between 9-5pm Monday-Friday.  For Camborne Library social media platforms search 'Camborne Library' on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.