Camborne Recreation Ground: Tender

Camborne Recreation Ground

Camborne Town Council is seeking to engage a suitable Contractor Playground Provider for the updating of the playground and associated equipment, including all weather outdoor area to provide a modern, fit for purpose play facility for a range of children of all ages at the Camborne Recreation Ground, Camborne, Cornwall - TR14 7PJ


Questions from Enquirers with Answers:

1. What is the maximum budget for this project? 

£175,000 maximum

2. Appendix 3 - 3.5 Security Contractor’s working areas shall be made secure always to prevent un-authorised persons, including children, from entering working areas. The Client has requested that high level timber hoarding shall be used to close off the site  working areas. CCTV shall be installed to maintain close security during working out-of-hours. – Is CCTV also required?

We (the council) will look to install & maintain temporary CCTV for this project. No need to include CCTV in your proposal.

3. Appendix 3 - 2.1 Description of Project - There is a good access for contractors vehicles and plant via the main gate off Crane Road and there is ample space for Principal Contractor’s parking on site (details to be agreed with Camborne Town Council). The entrance to the recreation ground off Crane Manor Court should be avoided as there is a school and a care home at the end of the road. Parking for contractors staff on Crane Manor Road should be discouraged. – Are we unable to use the access discussed, the access off Crane road is significantly narrower and may result in more damage to the grass leading to an additional reinstatement allowance.

Where necessary, we will use the access on Crane Manor Court (near St Meridoc School) for any equipment too large to use the other access points. It’s discouraged but not removed access.  I expect we’d use Crane Manor Court for site-setup then daily access via Crane Road.  I’ll manage comms with the residents on Crane Manor Court prior to the project needing access.

4. Volume 2 3.6.2 Due to the desire for low maintenance and longevity, it is anticipated that designs in predominantly galvanised steel will be favoured. Proposals in wood are still welcomed and will be considered on their merits against the award questions, however, will need to demonstrate appropriate warranties and design consistent with low maintenance (e.g. replacement of parts) and longevity. If wooden equipment is proposed to be installed into grass, steel footings will be expected. – Please can you confirm this is not that case and that galvanised steel will not be favoured?

Each tender/design will be judged on its merits. I’d recommend following the themes outlined in the consultation.  Galvanised steel will not be favoured in the scoring.

5. Does the existing ball sports area need to be removed or replaced? The community consultation will provide guidance on the requirements of the users groups. While the MUGA has been in place for many years. It’s not perceived to be a high priority item/area.

6. Please advise the file size for the return of the tender document? I’m not sure of the maximum attachment size for our email servers. If in doubt, can I recommend using a file share link or multiple emails.  

7. How will the public consultation influence scoring /decision? The public consultation will not influence the scoring but it will follow the scoring process thus giving the community an opportunity to view the shortlisted designs and provide feedback/comments for possible revisions prior to formal contract award. The public consultation will be managed by the Council’s Engagement Officer and will be primarily online and will run for a maximum of one week.  

8. Confirmation on planning permission for new structures over a certain height? To date, the Council have not made any planning applications.  

9. Is it possible to extend the installation completion date, due to planning  - Unfortunately not. We must return the park to full access by the start of the local schools summer holidays – ca.24th July 2020

10. Should we go for planning, please can you advise what the current lead for is for planning applications – 6-8 weeks.