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The Clerk to the Council is the Proper Officer and employee of the Council and, as such, is under a statutory duty to carry out all the functions of a local authority’s Proper Officer, and in particular to serve or issue all the notices required by law of the Proper Officer of the Council.

The Clerk is responsible for ensuring that the lawful instructions of the Council in connection with its functions as a Local Authority are carried out.  The Clerk is expected to advise the Council on, and assist in the formation of, overall policies to be followed in respect of the Authority’s activities.  The Clerk is responsible for producing all the information required for making effective decisions and for implementing all decisions of the Council.  The person appointed is accountable to the Council for the effective management of all its resources and will report to the Council on them as and when required.  The Clerk is also the responsible officer in respect of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, in regard to his/her own safety, the safety of other employees and that of members of the public, customers or other persons visiting any of the Council’s premises.