Camborne Town Council's Budget 2023-2024

At this time of the year, Camborne’s resident taxpayers are finding out how much Council Tax they
will be paying to fund local services. Council tax bills consist of three parts known as precepts, which
are voted on by elected members to set the level of funding for local services, based on budgeting
expectations for the year ahead. In Cornwall, the largest precept is Cornwall County Council,
followed by Devon and Cornwall Police, followed by Town and Parish Councils, who receive the
smallest share of around 7%.

In recognition of the current cost of living crisis, and with the aim of avoiding imposing further costs
on struggling households, Camborne Town Council has resolved to keep any overall increase in
precept to an absolute minimum this year, whilst at the same time ensuring the current scope and
quality of services delivered remain the same.

As a result, Camborne Town Council’s overall increase for 2023-2024 is just 0.6% and because of the increase in households and in higher bands, Band D households will typically pay 1.4% less this year to fund Camborne Town Council.

Mayor Fox said “I am immensely proud that, thanks to the hard work and support of staff and
Councillors, Camborne Town Council won’t be adding any extra on to ordinary people’s bills this
year. A lot of people in our parish are struggling with high bills at the moment and we didn’t want to
add to that”

Sadly, the effort from Camborne Town Council to keep rises to a minimum will be overshadowed by
rises to the two largest elements of the Council Tax bill, which are Cornwall Council who increased
their budget by the maximum allowed of 4.99% including 2% to fund social care, and Devon and
Cornwall Police whose budget has increased by 6%.