Beacon Park

Beacon Recreation Ground

Beacon Recreation Ground has been through  public consultation and in working with the Friends of Beacon Park it has been agreed that the Council will be making improvements to the park and play equipment.  This work is due to start in February 2019.

Beacon Park Installation Update 05/07/2019

During the installation of the new Beacon Park Play Area, it became apparent to Camborne Town Council that there were issues relating to the location and design of one item of equipment named the Gwydyr Tower.

The Council met with residents and representative groups and sought advice as to best remedy the issues with the structure’s location. After careful consideration and discussing many options the ‘Beacon Park Working Party’ which met on Thursday 4th July 2019 agreed to propose to re-locate the structure to a new location within the park. The proposed new location has been detailed in this illustration (please see document upload below). Please note the green area is the current location of the Tower and the structure with a blue and red outline is its proposed new location.

The recommendation to relocate the structure is to be ratified (pending approval) by Full Council on Thursday 11th July 2019. Full Council meetings, like all Town Council meetings are open to public attendance.

Whilst the Gwydyr Tower remains incomplete and in its existing location, access and its use will be prohibited. Fencing will remain on the item until it is reinstalled in its proposed new location. It is hoped that once given the go-ahead, the relocation of the Tower will be as soon as possible dependent on the Contractors and with minimal impact on the use of the rest of the park. 

On Tuesday 9th July 2019 it is anticipated the finishing adjustments will be made to the rest of the park resulting in fencing on the completed area of the park being removed which will allow access to all items of new play equipment other than the Gwydyr Tower.

Camborne Town Council invites any comments or queries from members of the public in regards to the proposal to re-site the Gwydyr Tower in advance of Full Council on Thursday 11th July 2019. Please email or phone 01209 612406.



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