Opportunity to Tender - The creation and maintenance of an updated and improved Camborne Town Council Website

An exciting and challenging opportunity to the create an updated, and improved version of the current Camborne Town Council Website (www.camorne-tc.gov.uk) and to provide ongoing technical services and support to Camborne Town Council. Potential bidders are to ensure they possess the relevant knowledge, experience and equipment within their organisation to perform all aspects of the contract for the Council when considering the quotes / tenders. Full details, including any supporting documentation, are given below

The invitation to quote will close at 1700 on Thursday 28th June 2018 for review by the Town Council, with the intention being that all bidders are informed of the decision on Friday 13th July 2018.

Should bidders require any additional information concerning this job please contact the Amenities & Projects Officer at Camborne Town Council (email cambornetc@cornwall.gov.uk or telephone 01209 612406).