Councillors Representing the Town Council on Various Outside Organisations


  1. ALLCC (Association of Larger Local Councils in Cornwall) – The Clerk, The Mayor, plus two deputies, Councillors Godolphin & Lemon
  2. CALC (Cornwall Association of Local Councils) – The Clerk, The Mayor, plus two deputies, Councillors Godolphin & Lemon
  3. Camborne Produce Association – Councillor J Barclay (Amenities)
  4. Camborne Produce Market –Councillor J Barclay (Amenities)
  5. Camborne Regeneration Forum – The Mayor, Councillors Collins CC & Fox
  6. Camborne Trevithick Day Committee –The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillor Winter
  7. Citizens Advice (CA) – Councillor Mrs V Dalley
  8. Coastline Homeless Service – Councillor V Kelynack
  9. Cornish Language Fellowship – Councillor M Champion
  10. Cornish Mining Consultative Forum – Councillor M Champion (Amenities)
  11. Cornwall Community Flood Forum – Councillor Ms Z Fox
  12. Cornwall Deaf Centre – Councillor Mrs V Dalley
  13. CPIR Community Network Panel Councillor Ms Z Fox
  14. Hayle Towans Partnership – Councillor Ms Z Fox (Amenities)
  15. Mineral Tramways Partnership – Councillor Ms Z Fox (Amenities)
  16. NHS Reference Group – Councillor Ms M J Pearce
  17. O.A.K. – Councillor Mrs V Dalley   (Amenities)
  18. Police Liaison - Councillors Winter, Wilkins, Kelynack, Godolphin and Collins CC
  19. South Crofty Mine Local Liaison Group – Councillor R Marshall
  20. Spinney Doorstep Green – Councillor J Collins CC (Amenities)
  21. The Homeless Action Group– Councillor V Kelynack
  22. Timeline Regeneration Project – Councillor T Dalley
  23. Troon Village Association (TVA) – Councillor V Kelynack & Councillor L Lemon
  24. Tuckingmill Park & Brea Valley Panel – Councillor Ms M Pearce (Amenities)
  25. West Cornwall CCTV – Councillor D Wilkins

The Mayor is appointed ex officio to the following organisations
Camborne Town Band – Camborne Twinning Association