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The Camborne Town Council was set up by Statutory Instrument No 142 of 1985 [The Kerrier (Parishes) Order 1985]



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Welcome to the Camborne Town Council Web Site.

It is hoped that by visiting the site you will commence on a journey leading to knowledge of all aspects of the Town's history, commerce and culture

The Town of Camborne is one of Cornwall's largest Towns with a population of approximately 22,500 people. Its location is to the West of the central mining division abutting with Pool and Redruth to form part of the largest urban area in Cornwall

The Town has suffered from the decline in the Tin mining industry which had been the lifeblood of the Town since the early 19th century. Many of its industries served the hard rock mining companies not only in Cornwall but in the rest of the World. Camborne is world famous for its links with the Camborne School of Mines and the former Holman Rock Drill and Compressor Company, and also the Bickford Smith Safety Fuse Company. However, that is the past and we must now consider the future.

Camborne has adapted and evolved and seen many changes since the closure of the mines. The Town is now a vibrant place in which to live, work and visit. I hope your visit to this web site proves fruitful and beneficial, and that the information within it provides you with the desire to come and see for yourself the Town and its people.

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